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After a setback, you’ll want to eliminate whatever gets in your way to move forward again. As the short term benefits from the rush of adrenaline and the cushion of shock fade, the magnitude of what has happened to you and your family can be overwhelming. We barely have the strength to cope with the situation.

To help you, I’ve made a list a few things that can get in your way. If and when they crop up for you – and it can be immediate or years later – you’ll want to be prepared to acknowledge their existence and the positive changes you can make to get past them.

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The Power of Positive Cash Flow

A friend phoned last night, struggling with a cash flow challenge that is all too common when starting up a new venture – or recovering from a personal life event.  Just like individuals, all businesses face such challenges periodically for … Continue reading

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Meet Jeanette Pavini Talking About Cash Money

When we experience financial loss, we feel pain. Money is a very powerful word for most people. And when our cash flow is disrupted or doesn’t exist, or when we lose things we have accumulated, we feel it. Therefore, one of the most beneficial things you can do after a disaster is to restore y… Continue reading

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