Find Joy in the Journey

My tip today is to take the time to smell the roses and enjoy the journey.  Whatever you are pursuing has a life of its own and the sooner you begin to enjoy it, the sooner you will see your dreams come to fruition. I have complete faith that you can do this.

 Exploding egg

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First Pillar to Manifest Your Dreams

Now that my audio course “Manifest Your Dreams” is online, I am beginning to ponder where all this will take me next.  I find it helpful to look back and see where I have been.

In my system, Mindset is the first pillar.  To manifest dreams, we must first build a positive mindset.  This is the foundation upon which we build all the rest.  Noah St John and I took a moment to talk about this when my book Rainbows Over Ruins came out.  He came to visit Home and Family and we talked about his work with Afformations and how they made a huge difference in my life.

Start there and all things are possible.

I believe in you,


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Pray, But Move Your Feet

There is a traditional Quaker quote that has passed down the years:  Pray, but move your feet.  It speaks volumes about what brings us success.  I would call the prayer inner work, and moving your feet conveys the continual actions we need to take to yield the results we want.  That’s the outer work.

It may take some time to see the results from the inner and outer work that we do.  When we do see those results, they are certainly something to celebrate.  That’s the way I feel this week.  After months of preparation, my course is uploaded and available.  After completing writing the content, I found a great group of people to assist me in bringing it forward.  This is a good time to acknowledge D’vorah Lansky for keeping me focused, Donna Fitch for website assistance, Monica Lowe for graphics, Harvey Warren and Wileen Charles for assistance with audio recording, and finally for housing the course on its site.  CourseCraft provided an easy format for me to use to house and manage the individual lessons, action guides and bonus content and payments.  The course is currently available in audio only.  I’ll be officially launching in a few weeks, but in the meantime, I’ll be making some special offers to those who have supported my work in the past few years.  More about that will be coming soon.

All this collaboration is part of the process.  One person trying to do everything on their own struggles.  When you begin to work with others, you create what is commonly known as a master mind group.  They take many different forms, but the value is the same.  A thought form created by a single person amplifies as more and more people think about it.  When enough people share and work on that thought, it takes form in the real world.

But that’s not all that happened this past week.  Almost simultaneously, a good friend and supporter, Tim Case, introduced me to Patreon, a site dedicated to enabling creators to have a sustainable income.  He wanted to know what I thought of it.  At first, I was casually interested, but as I explored its potential, I got enthusiastic.  I decided to join myself.  One of my goals is to rework my course and future content in video format too.  Patreon can help me get the revised version done.

So I wrote back to Tim and invited him to get involved.  He is building his own dream, Archery Encounters, LLC and like most startups could use financial support to get it up and running.  He accepted the invitation and as of last night was in the midst of building out his page.  I can’t wait to see it.   Patreon is an example of what is possible when people get together to support creative visions.  Whether you are a creator or called to be a patron of creative endeavors, this site serves both roles.  You can learn more @patreon and #patreon.

Having tangible products to offer has shifted my focus.  I want to find out what you think of them, as well as what you want to help you bring your own dreams into reality.  Please let me know.  I know you can do it.

I believe in you,


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Channeling Grief to a Portal of a New Dream with Uma Girish

Glimpses of joy are returning to the set now.  Even our fearless leader is beginning to return to his usual self.  What lingers are the questions that come up at a time like this.  Why do we lose someone so young?  Why is there so much pain?  Why do I hang on to the memory of my loved one, fully expecting them to walk into the room any minute?  What do I do now?  How do I fill the void that remains?

These questions reminded me of a post I did a couple years back after an interview with Uma Girish.  She is a grief counsellor and has written books on the creative potential that emerges as we channel grief.  I have taken the liberty of reposting the earlier post in the hope that it will contribute to your healing process whatever it may be.

“Bright and early on Friday, I was talking with Uma Girish, one of my next interviews on the Rebuilding Your Life…. Podcast. I became aware of Uma through the 30-Day Podcast Challenge where she introduced her podcast, The Grammar of Grief. Grief is a natural byproduct of loss, whether we are losing a loved one or everything that we have built up in our lives so I was looking for someone to talk about the topic – and there was Uma.

The stages of grief are well documented. In the immediate aftermath of an event, the first responders and community of support (whether friends, family, church and community, hospital or the Red Cross) get us through the shock and strong emotions we experience.

And then we are home alone with more questions than answers, coping with our new reality. There are often so many things to do in our physical world that we are not paying attention to the symptoms of grieving that are popping up around us. I know that for weeks, Peter and I rescued everything we could from our destroyed home as we figured out what lay ahead of us. Although we conscientiously made efforts to get back to our normal routines, it was challenging. When we finally settled into the rental house that would be our home until the financial issues were resolved, we immediately had physical symptoms of distress and spent weeks with the chiropractor, and the anxiety was relentless. Other people may experience a great deal of loneliness, hostility and guilt.

It’s easy to sink into depression under these circumstances. That’s why a friend at church, Sue Smith (who is a therapist), gave me a routine to follow that might stave off the more serious symptoms of depression – and I was watching for any telltale signs. She suggested that I spend some time everyday doing each of several tasks: Be in beauty or find inspiration through prayer or meditation. Eat good food that has been cooked as if company was coming. Get enough sleep, at least 7-8 hours. Get some exercise. Laugh. Watch TV, listen to tapes and laugh. Talk with a friend with whom you can share anything. Learn something new. Over time, I added a couple of my own. Be of service. Helping others helps you feel better as well. And spend a few minutes every morning to express gratitude and appreciation for life and where you see movement toward restoring your life and building toward something better.

When we are grieving, we may find it difficult to make that shift toward a renewed future. We may have rebuilt as much of the life we had as possible, yet a gaping hole remains and it stops us from enjoying ourselves. We draw a blank on pursuing a different future and don’t want to lose our memories of what was before. This is where Uma Girish comes into the conversation.

Uma is a Grief Guide and certified Dream Coach, as well as an award-winning author. Her book, Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss and Life’s Detours is published by Hay House. In it she chronicles her own story of the grief journey she undertook when she lost her mother. That journey became the impetus for her work as a grief guide and the creation of her message: We are not the same person we were before the loss. Although we are changed by the experience of loss, it also opens a portal to a new dream that comes to us through the pain of loss. Our healing journey is to recognize that dream, embrace it and experience the joy of our new creation.

As Uma comes from a place of similar experience, she has the ability to explain some aspects of how we are able to do this through looking at the unfinished business in our lives. And I love her way of describing how gratitude can help us move from being a victim to a victor. She calls it “shapeshifting” our grief story.

This is transformational work. To facilitate progress, Uma offers private sessions via phone and Skype, as well as an eCourse From Grief to Gratitude through her website She is also the co-founder of the International Grief Council which seeks to educate and empower those who are grieving a loss.

I’d like you to meet Uma Girish. She’s one of my next guests on Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity. The podcast is available iTunes at: as well as Stitcher:

Please get ready to listen in as we learn more about channeling grief into creativity with Uma Girish.”

I’m going to send a few words about Uma to those who are in the most need right now.   Please share this post with anyone you know who is in that heavy space of grief.  There is a way to get past grief and rediscover a new dream.  they can do it.  You can do it.

I believe in you,


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The Healing Power of Joy

Exploding eggToday, I invoke the healing power of Joy.

The past few weeks have been challenging on our set.  Shortly after Will’s tragic accident, our executive producer’s wife lost her 16 year battle with cancer.  There are still others struggling with impending or threat of loss in their own families.  We are not experiencing joy.  Sorrow has descended upon us on multiple fronts, standing in sharp contrast to the progress I’ve been making to get my course launched online or to the day to day production of our show.

For me, it is a time to pause and reflect on all the other aspects of life that contribute to a joyful and well-led life – from cleaning house, maintaining the yard and animals, belonging to a community, sharing with family, loving family, traveling, and having fun with friends.  It is a time to center in the silence and open to the “amazing” things that come to me when I do.

Is it coincidence or serendipity when I open the computer on this day of all days and read Abraham’s message:

“We are as dead as it gets, and we are fully aware of this joyous experience.  We are with you every time you allow it.  We are in every singing bird and in every joyous child.  We are part of every delicious pulsing in your environment.  We are not dead, and neither will you ever be!  You will just get up, one day, and get out of the movie.”

The message that comes to me in this moment is to follow the joy and discover its healing power.  Even as we strive to express gratitude for something every day, let us find the joy each day.  For several years, part of my daily routine has been to ask – what can I do today to feel the way I want to feel when I achieve my dreams?  At moments like this, I am aware that I want to feel joy when I achieve my dreams – the joy of accomplishment, of love shared, of inspiration and beauty.  Has it ever occurred to you that when you are in a state of joy, you are in touch with and living your dream?

What if I ask “what can I do today to feel the joy that is all around me?”  Joy is important.  There is value in it. It heals us in the face of sorrow and setbacks.  Today it feels as if it is the ultimate goal of all our life.  Can we discover joy in our own lives and realize what we can do to bring joy and well-being to others? As we make dreams come true, we are bringing joy and well-being of accomplishment, of making a contribution, of making a difference.  We are making it all happen.  As money pours into my life, it is a resource for more than just survival or the acquisition of property and belongings.  It is also for the creation of joy and the good of all concerned.

But can we create joy?  How do we do that?  I believe it starts by allowing yourself to look around and see the joy that surrounds you.  Take an inventory of what brings you joy.  Ask what you can do feel the joy.  Appreciate it and share it with others.  Joy is like a muscle.  The more you exercise a muscle, the stronger it becomes.  Develop the mindset that yields joy.  Practice positive self-talk, affirmations and Afformations – asking why you experience joy.  Embrace the joy.

When you align with joy, in spite of challenging circumstances, you are aligning with the most creative and healing energies in the Universe.  As you develop the mindset, you are magnetizing love and joy.  Resources begin to flow to you that can make a difference in your experience of life and the contribution you make to it.  And I believe you will find your life improving.  Yes, even sorrow lessens as you redefine and begin  living your purpose again.

Here are a few Afformations you might try to help you get into the spirit of finding joy:

Why am I so happy?  Why am I so blessed?  What do I experience joy and well-being?  Why do I find it everywhere from the simple to the sublime?  Why does my life shift to include more joy – and still be comfortable and abundant?  Why do I get to love and say “yes” more?  Why do I find joy in heaven and on earth?  Why do I find it in the angel voices?  Why do I find it in those I love?  Why do I find ways to bring joy to others?  Why are my creative endeavors filled with joy?

Why is this so much fun?

May your life be filled with joy and may you bless others with joy as well.   I know you can do it.

I believe in you,



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The Home & Family cast and crew came together on set in our beautiful backyard this week to share our loving memories of one of our own, director William (“Will”) O’Hara.  It was a simple tribute to a kind, gentle, caring, fun-loving and talented man.

With the help of a chaplain once on staff for an earlier version of “Home and Family,” and soft music in the background, we lit a candle and shared – a prayer, pictures and memories of this wonderful human being.  We were so blessed to have Will’s father join us via Facetime.   Tears flowed and laughter.  When the time felt right, we said a closing prayer, hugged and comforted one another before drifting out of that space.  What remained was sacred silence.

It is the memory of that silence that is with me today.  It is as if I am on pause, awaiting either a re-dedication to the life I live or a shift. I am in the midst of the mystery, in the moment.

What stands out for me is the sense of community, of home and family, built upon shared experiences, values and goals, the support of “loving mirrors” in those around us, shared beginnings, shared endings.  Breaking bread together.  Crying together.  Laughing together.  Building together.

Of all the things I do or have done, it’s the community here that stands out.  I am so blessed to be part of this home and family.  The work we do touches so many more people in a positive way than I have been able to do on my own.  We are engaged with our audience.  We welcome them.  We play with them.  We are beyond scandals and harsh discourse in the outside world.  We are a safe place, like being home with loved ones.

At its essence, it is this sense of being at the center of life with faith, love, caring and hope that energizes this community.  Family extends into community, centered in space (spirit unspoken).  We experience the broad spectrum of emotions, emphasizing the positive, supporting one another in the face of negatives.  It is day to day life.  It’s not always pretty, often dysfunctional, yet we serve our community, our audience.  We help them live, laugh and learn.  We serve the desire to care for loved ones and bring joy and well-being into our homes.  And in the process, this extends beyond our small space on a large television lot to help others care for, support and bring joy and well-being to their families as well.    When I signed on for this show, I thought it would be just another project.  Nothing provided a hint that it would become such a major expression of my “why” in writing and speaking or that it would help me live my dream.

In the silence, saying goodbye to the young man we called Will in this life, I give thanks for his part in this community.  I am inspired by his example of giving and caring beyond himself.  And I embrace the ongoing expression of his spirit in all our lives.

May you find this spirit of community in your lives too.

I believe in you,



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7 Steps to Make the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions

img_4913_newCan you believe it?  The year is rapidly drawing to a close.  I’m looking forward to celebrating as we always do, however, before shifting into all the preparations for the festivities, I’ve paused to think about what I really, really want in the coming year.

I started my morning meditations with a list of what turned out to be 25 things I’d like to do this year.  Half of the items were related to what I’d like to build in my business.  The rest fleshed out other areas in life that provide balance.  Twenty five ideas is too large for me to handle as we start the year, so it seemed prudent to divide the list into smaller components.  My business still dominated the list, but it seemed easier to break down the goals into manageable actions over the course of the full year.

That’s what I’d like you to take a few minutes to do today.

  1. Jot down all those great ideas you’ve been telling yourself you’d like to do.  If not this year, when?
  2. Sort them into categories. Some involve your financial well-being, your business if you have or want one, your job and career path.  The others, the ones I suggest provide balance, include your relationships, health, education, recreation, and personal environment.  Please don’t relegate this latter group to the back of your mind.  It’s become clear to me that we do not have to wait to pursue improvement in all the categories in our lives.  It might serve us better if we found a way to build elements of all of them into our current life rather than wait until we achieve our self-proclaimed dreams.
  3. From all these categories, what’s the one that calls to you today? What do you want?  Why?  You may still have to work, but with focus you can achieve your goals.
  4. Why don’t you already have what you just described? Are you willing to do what it takes to get it now?  Then rough out a plan.  What will it look like when you have it?  What has to happen?  Back out of it to where you are now.  Do you need some education?  Do you need materials?  Do you need help?  What could you do tomorrow as the New Year dawns to move toward your goal?  Think of something simple and easy – like researching on the Internet or calling a friend to ask a few questions.
  5. Then, make that small action your New Year’s Resolution – Write it down.  Say it out loud:   I commit to doing this one step by the end of New Year’s Day.
  6. As soon as possible on New Year’s Day, do it. Taking action is powerful.  It breaks the cycle of inertia and sets the New Year off with momentum.  And you won’t have a list of resolutions to break.  You’ll already have a success to celebrate.
  7. Reward yourself and then do it again.  Rinse and repeat.  What small action can you take the next day and the next?

Happy New Year!  I’m off to take a small action of my own to set the New Year in positive motion.   Let me know how you feel when you do it.

I believe in you.

To Your Success,


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