Book, Podcasts and Virtual Tour Schedules


GUEST ON WRITERS’ BLOCK: Bobbi Bell and Jim Christina provide a platform for writers to talk about writing.  Link:

GUEST ON PODCAST BOLDLY BALD WOMEN WITH PAM FITROS.  The circumstances of  various disasters may appear different from the outside, yet the inner experience and how we may face the challenges is similar.  How so?  Check out Pam’s podcast.

GUEST PARTICIPANT:  LISSA COFFEY’S RELATIONSHIP SUMMIT for the Ayurveda Experience.   A Google Hangout. Replay link available soon.

GUEST ON NOAH ST. JOHN’S LIVE CHAT on Google Hangouts.  What happened to me after starting to work with Noah and use Afformations?  What’s the one tip I share?



For the RSS feed:

as well as Stitcher:

Episode 1 – Meet Producer and Host Susan Sherayko

Episode 2 – Meet Noah St. John speaking about Afformations

Episode 3 – Meet Sandra Daly, author Pop Your Paradigms, Choose Your Universe and Successfully MidAir

Episode 4 – Meet Uma Girish, grief guide and dream coach using grief to discover new dreams

Episode 5 – Meet Kym Douglass, actress, comedienne and Blissologist on Bliss

Episode 6 – Do you need a roadmap to rebuild?

Episode 7 – Meet Pam Fitros talking about how she became a power for positive change once she overcame the emotional challenges that went with going completely bald.

Episode 8 – Meet Jeanette Pavini who believes the key to rebuilding your life starts with your relationship with cash.  It’s the philosophy of an older generation that we may all learn how to live better.

Episode 9 – What do you do when your life is drastically altered in a flash?  Sara Hathaway joins me to discuss her novel Day After Disaster set against the backdrop of a global disaster.  Are you ready?  Could you cope?

Episode 10 – On the Power of Intention

Episode 11 – Meet Helen Sherry, Ph.D. who is a participating author in Christine Kloser’s compilation, Pebbles in the Pond: Transforming the World One Person at a Time.. Wave Four.  Helen’s focus is on using living gardens as vision boards.

Episode 12 – Meet Melissa Schulman who took the idea of a frozen yogurt shop with a yoga theme to reality.  It took time, however, Yoga-Urt opened its doors after Melissa went through the process of research and development, fine tuning and persistent action.


Day 1 – Noah St. John interviewed me about his Afformations Systems. View it at

Day 2 – Toginet online radio interview at

Day 3 – Balboa Press set up an author interview at

Day 4 – Noah St. John and I share the stage again for Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family segment on family financial problems –

Hallmark Home & Family

The conversation continues immediately afterward at

Day 5 – A Virtual Book Tour Celebration. Friends and some folks who have read Rainbows Over Ruins share their thoughts on Instagram.  #rainbowsoverruins.

Day 6 – Guest blog on PaTrisha-Anne Authorpreneur At  Check it out at:

Day 7 – Honored to visit with Shirley Bovshow and guest blog this week on her edenmaker blog:

Day 8 – Jim Carey and Morris Carey interview me on their radio show at  James and Morris interview me at about the 26 minute mark.

Day  9 – Please join me as I hop across the world again to visit with Gudrun Frerichs, author of Delicious Love Forever.

Day 10 – Helena Kalivoda, writer/author of AWAKEN, Spirit is Calling hosts my guest blog at  I’ll be talking about ways I learned to develop a relationship to my subconscious mind — one of the most important things I’ve ever learned.

Day 11 – Early am.  If I had to narrow down my message to one key idea, it would be to master the art of asking better questions.  That’s the subject of the first article that was published today.

Day 11 – Later in the day.  Two articles in one day!  Getting your life to run on all cylinders is accomplished when you get your inner game and outer action to align.  It was great to be invited to talk about this at CEO Magazine.

Day 12 – A marvelous opportunity to interview author Helena Kalivoda.  Helena is talking about her writing process which goes beyod just casual inspiration.

Day 13 Guest blog on Mari Barnes, author of My Peace Place and owner of Flying Turtle Publishing, The theme this month is Over the Rainbow October.

Day 14 Guest blog on Lissa Coffey’s Coffey Talk,  This week the topic is “Does Your Windshield Need Cleaning?”  I am very excited as I have been invited to participate as a regular guest at Coffey Talk.

Day 15 Guest blog exchange with Janine Moore, author Work on Your Own Terms,



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