About Rainbows Over Ruins

“Life altering.  That’s how I describe the landslide that destroyed our home.” What began as chaos, disaster and crisis yielded great opportunities.  What happened?  That is the subject of Rainbows Over Ruins.

Initially, Susan and her husband Peter relied on instinct to rebuild their lives, however, Susan became aware that what they were doing unconsciously paralleled the processes described in traditional success literature.  She wondered if she could tell others that the process yielded results when applied consciously. Proving it to herself, Susan became an example of someone living according to the success principles. Along the way, she met Noah St. John who wrote the Foreword for Rainbows Over Ruins and connected the dots to discover the key to consciously create the life we desire.

Now sharing the journey, Susan asks, “Have you been waiting to pursue your dreams? The time to start is now, right where you are. Use the creative process. It works if you work it.”


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