On The House

Today the tour took me to the internet radio show, On The House, brought to you by the Carey Brothers.  James and Morris Carey  have been presenting this program for years as a adjunct to their remodeling business.  They appear on the Home and Family show periodically to undertake the really big makeover projects we have – like the bathroom.

They are so kind.  When they heard that I had published Rainbows Over Ruins, they asked me if I would be willing to speak about it on their show.  Many of their clients have gone through situations similar to our mudslide.   James and Morris can take care of the physical rebuilding – how many penny nails it will take to do the job – while my book touches other aspects of rebuilding.

Natural disasters are more than physical destruction.  They have emotional, mental and spiritual components.  And when you flip your thinking about them, it is possible to turn crisis into opportunity.

Take a moment to catch the Carey Brothers show.  They are great guys and really helpful.  http://www.OnTheHouse.com

To Your Success,





About ssherayko

Executive in Charge and Emmy nominated Line Producer for Home and Family on Hallmark Channel. Author, "Rainbows Over Ruins," sharing how to use your natural creative abilities to produce the life you desire. New release: interactive course "Manifest Your Dreams: A Roadmap to Discover and Achieve Your Goals."
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