A touch of Eden in Shirley Bovshow’s garden blog

I am so excited today.  I’ve just returned from my visit in the U.K. in time to jump over to Shirley Bovshow’s Edenmaker blog.  I feel so honored to spend some time with her friends.

Shirley and I have been able to get to know one another through our roles on the Home and Family Show on Hallmark Channel.  Shirley appears regularly as a member of the Family specializing in our garden projects.  She’ll be coming by soon to see how our pumpkin patch is coming.

I’d love to have you stop by Shirley’s this week: http://wp.me/pASB7-1uB.  I’ll be talking about creative principles to use when you garden – and you’ll get to see some of the wonderful magic that Shirley works in her own gardens.  You may even win a free copy of my book Rainbows Over Ruins.

Hope to see you over there.

To Your Success,






About ssherayko

Executive in Charge and Emmy nominated Line Producer for Home and Family on Hallmark Channel. Author, "Rainbows Over Ruins," sharing how to use your natural creative abilities to produce the life you desire. New release: interactive course "Manifest Your Dreams: A Roadmap to Discover and Achieve Your Goals."
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