Rebuilding Your Life Radio on the horizon

What have you been doing, learning or experiencing over the past few months?  I’ve been fortunate to be able to start a dream project while “staying at home” during the pandemic.  

Now, I’m pleased to announce that my podcast “Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity” is morphing into Rebuilding Your Life Radio.  We’ll still be providing information and inspirational stories to help people rebuild their lives while also giving authors a place to tell their stories and share their expertise with an ever growing audience. I hope you’ll enjoy visiting with them on a regular basis as much as I do.  

Information on two of the new episodes is posted below.  Both books are available on Amazon. – Jean Nielsen talks about the near death experience she memorialized in her book, Almost to Heaven.   I’m amazed by the clarity of detail one has in remembering this event, and the impact it has on your life from that time forward.
– Samyama Flowering Tree is a spiritual teacher with a profound background in the Himalayan Yogi-Christ tradition.  Here, she talks about her history, shares a meditation to allow you to experience the connection between your Higher Self and your more temporary, day-to-day self, as well as her insights into the current global health crisis.  Her book, Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra, progressively provides several meditations for your personal growth. 

If you missed the first season of “Rebuilding Your Life: Moving from Disaster to Prosperity”, it is available on iTunes and Stitcher.  Guests joining me during the first season include: Noah St John, Kym Douglas, Sandra Anne Daly, Uma Girish, Helen Sherry, Melissa Schulmann, Sara Hathaway, Jeanette Pavini and Pam Fitros.  

Let’s start rebuilding!  There’s no time like the present to begin.  I believe in you.  

To Your Success, 



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Giving Authors a Voice – An Interview with Samyana FLowering Tree

Continue reading

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Drawing on Resilience during Difficult Times

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree

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We lost a dear friend this week.  He was in his 80s, a witty, energized and always ready for the next adventure type of person.  But he gave up this month after a chain of health crises. He had been on dialysis for a year, then suffered a minor stroke, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.   I believe he wanted to pass on his own terms and stopped going to dialysis.  He had run out of resilience during this difficult time.

Twenty years ago, I lost another friend.  Again, she was an international trainer in psychosynthesis.  She had phenomenal resilience, but she had been in a traffic accident that left her with only 15% mobility.  After two years, when the people she loved most were not strong enough to support her, she too ran out of resilience.  I was angry with her at the time.  She had so much to give regardless of her disability, but she hated it.  It took me a long time to forgive her.  This week I finally see that I am more tolerant of the cumulative effect of crises that affect our decisions.

So far, I have been resilient through the most difficult challenge in my life – a landslide that destroyed our home.  We had the courage to stand back up and declare to the Universe that we are survivors.  We used the energy from our pain to reclaim our power and marshal through the experience, one tiny step at a time.  Where did that strength, courage and resilience come from?

First and foremost, I believe it is supported by faith in a Higher Power – Source energy, Quantum Consciousness, God, all that is.  When I came home the night of the landslide, I had a sense of a divine presence being with me, holding my hand.  That sustained me.

And then there was my father.  He has been gone for 40 years already, but my memories of the stories he told when I was a little girl provided a role model of how to be resilient and take corresponding actions.  One of my favorite stories was one he shared about Christmas toy lines for poor children.  My dad came from very humble origins.  He was dirt poor, raised in East Texas.  He described his home as a place you could see through the walls, not the windows, the walls.  And he ate clabber, a Southern delicacy, Not.  It is curdled milk, a yogurt like texture with a strong sour taste.

Each year at Christmas, the town held a toy giveaway.  All the poor children could come, line up and receive a gift for the holiday.  What stood out in my Dad’s story was that he analyzed how the line was managed.  He observed that the organizers gave out one extra large present every so many people, like clockwork.  He determined to work the system.  He began to let people pass him in line so that he would reach the giveaway location exactly when the big present was to be given – and that is what he was given.  Pretty ingenious for a young boy and an unforgettable example of creative thinking.

Whatever you are going through right now, you are stronger than you think.  You can find your connection to the greatest help imaginable.  You can dig down deep within yourself and find the resilience to keep moving forward.  You can stand up and start putting one foot in front of the other.  As the old Quaker saying goes, “Pray and move your feet.”

On Saturday, May 9th, 9:00am Pacific time, we are going to be looking at what we can do to adapt and thrive in what may be a “new” economy.  Dr. Randall Bell is our guest during the Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power call.  Dr. Bell is a sociologist and economist who specializes in helping governments, insurance companies and individuals mitigate the effects of disasters.

You are welcome to join the Zoom call or receive the replay.  Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  I look forward to sharing Dr. Bell’s thoughts on this crisis with you.

Be safe.  Be well.  Stay upbeat.  We are all in this together and we will get through it.

I believe in you,



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Next Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power call available on YouTube


It’s hard to believe we’ve been staying at home for 5 weeks now!  What a crazy time.

I created this latest Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power call to remind you of several things you can do to keep a positive attitude while the world works to heal the nation and repair the economy at the same time.  We can do it!

  1.  Keep a positive attitude.
  2.  Hone in on your purpose and your why.
  3.  Start asking positive affirmative questions and we’ll figure out what has to happen.


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You Are Not Alone

silhouette photo of man leaning on heart shaped tree

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What a strange month it has been.  One month ago, we left our office on a 2-week furlough without any idea of when we would return.  We still don’t know when we will be able to get back to work.  Most of us are sequestered in our homes. For many, it’s been a time to work from home or find a variety of other things to do: special projects, the things we never get to, and tackling the clutter we say we always want to eliminate, keep us busy, but it is a challenge to let go of the pace and busyness of our normal lives.  We miss the social interactions we have in the grocery store, the gas station, on the phone, at the office.  There is a loneliness to this.  To which I say, you are not alone.  We are all in this together.

For many, it is also a time to go deep within through prayer and meditation, asking for guidance for thoughts and actions.  We want to make sense of it all. How can we find meaning in any of this?  It is a time for reflection.  It is a time to ask, to inquire and to reach out to others.

It is written – ask and you shall receive.  Can you center in the asking?  Can you rest and trust in that space?  Can you feel the presence of Light and Love and Power?  Be still and know the presence.  Be still and know your source.  This is quantum consciousness, here before all things, all that is, has been, will be and all that remains, that in which we live and move and have our being.

Be still and listen.  Welcome the guidance for you are loved.  Together we will create something entirely new, proceeding in an orderly fashion out of that which has gone before.  Be willing to receive.  We read the word: “Be strong for I am with you.”  You are not alone.

As we open to receive, we take action to help one another.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Each day I look to the news to learn what new actions have been taken by ordinary Americans and our businesses to reduce the suffering and concerns of the people that make up our nation. I am inspired by the heroism of those in the front lines – the medical teams that save us, the services that stay open to keep us fed, the truckers and transports.   I am uplifted by the ingenuity and flexibility of so many people who have shifted their focus to serve the common need.

Face masks have been a struggle to obtain.  Among the first movers in industry who responded to the call were those who were able to think out of the box and shift what they currently manufactured.  MyPillow converted one of its buildings to face mask production.  Buck Mason pivoted from sportswear to face masks.  The Patriots chartered a plane to bring face masks from China.  Brooks Brothers began making 150,000 face masks daily. This morning, Etsy reports thousands of people selling face masks – designer face masks – as an example of Americans to help #standwithsmall.   You-Tube is filled with videos on how to make masks from bandanas and hair ties, and waxed paper.

There was great concern we would not have enough ventilators.  Florida International University turned its innovative labs into 3D printing facilities.  HP now uses it 3D printers to make ventilators and there are other large companies who stepped up to the plate as well.

Faulkner Plastics began making face shields.  Six hundred distilleries like Bicardi switched their production from liquor to hand sanitizers.  Other manufacturers began making hospital gowns.

Over the weekend, a NYC lawyer offered his services for free to help those who are suffering from the impact of the virus.

As empty as Easter services were, there was an effort to still celebrate with drive-in services.  A woman struggling with deep personal problems was drawn to a church filled with such cars.  As the minister called for them to turn on their hazard lights together, she was moved from a breakdown to a breakthrough.  Live streaming has filled the hearts of many from church to church and attendance is up.

Early on, restaurants who were able to do so switched from seating their guests to service take out.  Shake Shack created a new offering – Go Belly where you pick up the supplies you need to cook the meal at home.  They were among others searching for ways to ensure liquidity and keep people employed and available.  Other restaurants like Yoga-urt in Los Angeles opened a Go-Fund me page to keep her employees working while they provided their product to healthcare providers. KFC donated 1,000,000 pieces of chicken for the health care providers.  A pizza parlor donates meals to frontline workers.  Fire departments are celebrating the heroism of first responders with parades of fire trucks, lights flashing.

Eastern Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines helped fly stranded Americans home from around the world.

Tom Brady’s company TB12 started offering virtual workouts for health and mindset.

Comedians began to tip their toes into the waters wearing outrageous hazmat gear in public.  Arnold Schwarzenegger donated $1,000,000 for masks.  Dolly Parton gave $1,000,000 for research.

My point is this, there are numerous ways we can help or be helped during these times regardless of our pocketbooks or status.

Now that the first discussions have started about how we are going to come back to normal productivity, many of us are already committed to doing whatever it takes to get back to business.  This is not the time to sit back on our heels.  Instead, we can step out in courage as soon as we’re given permission to do so.  It’s up to us – it’s up to me to make things happen.

To do this, we’ll need to work at managing our mind and emotions.  Get centered.  Use a calming peace process to help you.  Stay open to inner guidance for how you can make a difference.

Keep holding your vision.  This is one time when you can clearly see what is stopping you.  Don’t let it.  Use the time to find ways around, over, under and through the circumstances and get more proactive.  We can plan how we will emerge.

Ask yourself how you serve others and what you can do right now to continue to serve.  Maybe you can’t get out of the house, but you have a phone and a computer.  Maybe you can help coordinate the work of other organizations who have stepped up to the plate.

Ask yourself if you can use your assets, skills and expertise to offer something new.  Consider helping others by giving it away.  Ask yourself what is on everyone’s mind, what they want and need, then create products, services or information that helps them to get it.

Get it done yesterday using a simple plan that can be executed today rather than a complicated plan that takes a year to roll out.  If you need help creating a plan, look for people who can help or teach you how to do it.

Remember you are not alone.  If you need help, reach out.  Reconnect with people you never have time to call or someone who comes to mind.  Reconnect with yourself.  Look at how you live your life and what you want.

If you want to feel better by helping someone else, check out #AmericaTogether, #Strong, #alonetogether.  Love one another.  If you want to help others by donating, find your favorite charity and find out what they need.  Give blood.  Give plasma.

We will come through this time.  And we will come back stronger for the lessons learned.  You go, America!

Be strong. Be well. Be safe.  Be inspired.

I believe in you,


P.S.  The next Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power call is this coming Saturday, 4/18 at 9:00am Pacific time.  We’ll be talking about how to manage our thoughts and emotions in uncertain times.  You are invited to join us in the Zoom meeting.

When: Apr 18, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:…/regist…/upUrdeGtrTIq2egH_kZP76ui3EnUEJlczg

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.




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Preparing to Claim Your Power

You have within you the power to handle whatever comes your way, including the Covina Virus. Here’s how as you prepare to claim your power: 

Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power

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Upcoming Mastermind Call

Coming up, you are invited to a Zoom meeting for Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power.
When: Saturday, Feb 8, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

During an introductory meeting in January, participants had the opportunity to get in touch with their purpose and Why as the starting point to Train Your Brain, Claim Your Power. Now, for our February mastermind call, we invite you and a significant other to revisit the importance of purpose and passion along with the value of sharing your individual sense of purpose in order to support one another in a meaningful way. What better gift can you give a loved one than being “a loving mirror” to each other?

Join us for a time of sharing. I look forward to spending time with you.

To register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Hope you can join us, big hugs,


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My Afternoon Chat on Daily Spark with Dr. Angela tomorrow

Hello, Everyone!

I will be chatting with Dr. Angela Chester tomorrow on her Daily Spark with Dr. Angela show.  We’ll be talking about my book “Rainbows Over Ruins” and my next project to help you handle life’s twists and turns and enjoy everyday happiness while you create your next success.

You are invited to listen in.

Tune in tomorrow — Monday, September 23, 2019
Tune in from 3:00pm – 4:00pm Pacific
Monday, September 23, 2019
Christian Faith Radio
Terrestrial broadcast on 99.1 FM and iHeart
U.S. and Canada

Tune in to be part of the Listening Party! Listen, invite friends and family and share with others.

This is for your success. I believe in you.


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Do You Need Some Prep Talk?

I believe we all need to engage in some Prep Talk. We look around us and see disasters looming at every turn. It’s challenging to watch the news. Natural disasters appear to be more common and more destructive. Families still struggle, careers come and go, We worry about our health, our finances, our relationships with others and the communities in which we live. Negative self-talk threatens to overwhelm us.

But what we really want is to be prepared so when bad things happen, we can survive, recover, rebuild and go on to thrive. That’s why I’m starting a new program designed to help us do just that.

My experience has taught me that it is possible to improve our life skills so that it is easier to recover.

Survival begins now, not in the thick of a crisis or in its aftermath. It is about living prepared and being resilient.

What’s important is to get the information out and help people see where they can get prepared, where they can find solutions for their personal, work, professional and global benefits.

Join me as I introduce “Mindset of a Survivor: An Inner and Outer Look at Being Prepared”.

Event Title: “Mindset of a Survivor” Teleseminar
Date & Time: Saturday, April 27th at 9:00 AM Pacific

To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event time:

If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (206) 402-0100, and using the following conference pin: 250369#

Here is a list of international numbers:

I look forward to “seeing” you there.

I believe in you,


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I Feel Your Pain

Susan - Alex shot 6327I realize it’s hard to think forward when you are in the midst of the pain and chaos that surrounds any type of disaster.  I know.  I have been there.

Even as I send prayers and support to victims of fires, floods and shootings, I am also here to tell you that regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself, you can get through this.

Ever since a landslide destroyed our home, I have worked to help others learn how to get past such events.  It’s part of my work now to help empower you to survive,  rebuild and thrive through faith, belief and action so that you can continue to live the life you envision and contribute to the world in the way you choose.

You may reach out for assistance at  To schedule a free consultation to help you start the recovery process, sign up at

Let’s empower your recovery.

I believe in you,


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